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Interview Time: Idris Elba Talks Making It In America & More

We caught up with the actor on the red carpet...


Interview Time: Idris Elba Talks Making It In America & More

Photo: Brian To/

Idirs Elba is one of the most successful actors to launch a huge movie career in the US. The 39-year-old actor became a household name in the states when he starred in hit HBO drama The Wire and then went on to star alongside Beyonce in movie Obsessed. 

Despite spending most of his time in America, Idris has not forgotten his roots and has come back to the UK to celebrate the release of his new flick Demons Never Die, which he executive produced. TaleTela caught up with Idris on the red carpet where he revealed what it is like to make it in America...

Did being an executive producer bring any duties that you didn’t expect?

Erm no, I kinda figured that I would have to make some difficult decisions and there were some instances that I was a little uncomfortable with but ultimately as an executive producer you’re either dealing with money or your dealing with problems, I found myself dealing with a bit of both. But it was a really exciting process because director Arjun Rose is a young British talent, and we had a fantastic cast that came with a lot of potential and I helped put together a fantastic soundtrack…it was great, very good.

There is a sad trend in which many British actors have a tendency to get overlooked, what do you think about that after working with so much of it on this project?

You know I don’t think we are being looked over, English actors without a doubt in the last four to five years are sought after in the States and Europe. But yes I think there is a certain threshold to get through, but I always say to young people who want to get into a bigger market; you’ve just got to keep working hard at it. I think it’s a great time to be from England and trying it out there, I think it’s a great time to be here…I’m making more of the films that I want to.

How important is work ethic for you?

It’s probably one of the most important things – possibly one of four things you gotta have; work eithic, diligence, you have to be thick skinned and it’s important to just have your focus, and I guess work ethic is about keeping focused.

With what you’ve achieved do you feel like your done? Like you’ve accomplished what you set out to?

No, No…I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything – and I hope I never get to that stage. I always have my eyes on bigger and better…

Was that the intention working on this project, to pass what you have accumulated and learnt so far on to a younger set of actors and actresses?

Yeah well if I can make a film or whatever and get the parts together then I will do it, and if I can help other people doing it then why not?

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