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INTERVIEW: Alexandra Burke Talks New Single 'Elephant,' Whitney Houston's Death & More!

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By Alicia Adejobi on Tuesday 28th February 2012 Photo by PR

Alexandra Burke sat down for a chat with TaleTela to discuss her new material, exploring with a sexier sound and the death of her idol, Whitney Houston.

The 23-year-old has just released the music video for her new club banger 'Elephant,' which she says symbolises her new direction to a sexier and edgier sound. 

Having recently revealed that she suffered violence at the hands of a partner in a previous relationship, Alex shared her thoughts on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation that it currently dominating the news.

The singer also expressed her shock at learning of Whitney Houston's death and even reveals that a friend was partying at the same club as the singer just two days before her untimely passing.

Check out the interview with Alex below...

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