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Taraji P. Henson 'Open To Dating' Michael Ealy In Future

Sounds like things are hotting up!


Taraji P. Henson 'Open To Dating' Michael Ealy In Future

Photo: FayesVision/B.Dowling/

Taraji P. Henson says that she is open to dating her Think Like A Man co-star Michael Ealy in the future.

The pair seemed to have developed a close bond with each other while they were filming the rom-com, which hits cinemas tomorrow (April 20). While Michael recently revealed that he was smitten with Taraji describing her as "phenomenal," it seems his feelings may be mutual.

"You know you guys are so funny. Everybody has been hitting me with that, Wendy hit me with that ‘Well you know Michael iis successful?’ I don’t mix my business with pleasure because nobody is coming between me and my coins," Taraji said on Sirius XM.

Taraji explains the dangers of dating a co-star, saying that people often mistake the real person for their character. "You go back to your regular life and then what happens when you find out that you really fell in love with the character because ‘you, buddy are nothing like that character’. You realize that you’ve been living in a world of make believe. So, I try to separate the two."

Despite this, Taraji says she is open to seeing how their relationship progresses if there's still chemistry months after filming. "Now, when the movie is over and months later there is still chemistry going, I am not opposed to exploring that... Now, that I know him personally, no it wouldn’t [be wrong to date him.]"

Sounds like this is one hot couple we should be looking out for!

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