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L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell: 'Beyonce Is The Most Talented Pop Star Alive'

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L.A. Reid & Simon Cowell: 'Beyonce Is The Most Talented Pop Star Alive'


L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell have declared Beyonce as "the most talented performer alive," saying that she is from a "new breed" of pop stars.

The pair were promoting X Factor USA when the conversation turned to Queen Bey. Listing all her atributes, Simon said: "Ambitious, talented, competitive. She defines this new breed of what I call super popstars, and they are all the girls at the moment. It's like a new super species who literally want to rule the world."

Simon also told Extra that he felt guilty for criticising Bey in public and then having to face her when she appeared on The X Factor two years ago. "It was still obviously in her head, what I said. I apologised because I was wrong. She sang better than anybody I have ever heard anyone sing in my life live and at one point just looked over at me and went, [with her eyes] 'criticise that.'"

X Factor USA judge L.A. then added: "She may arguably be the most talented performer alive."

Beyonce performing on Good Morning America...


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