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Tupac Sex Tape Receives $1Million Offer!

But it's not what you think...


Tupac Sex Tape Receives $1Million Offer!


The sex tape starring late rapper Tupac Shakur has been made an astonishing $1million offer, despite his family insisting they will sue anyone who purchases the video.

However, the buyer is not interested in buying the entire video - they are only interested in acquiring the rights to the song that plays in the background throughout the tape. A source informed TMZ that NOHO - an anti-hangover drink - have made a bid to own the rights to the unknown song, and are willing to pay $1million. 

While the current owner of the song is unknown, the CEO of the drink company plan to buy the rights and use the track as the official theme tune for the company.

The company seem intent on buying the song despite only the owner and TMZ being the only people to actually hear the track. 

Reports of 'Pac's sex tape emerged two weeks ago, and images from the video were made public last week.

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