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Jermaine Jackson Details Michael's 'Disintegrating' Body During Molestation Trial In New Memoir

Gives harrowing details...

By Alicia Adejobi on Thursday 13th October 2011 Photo by PR

Jermaine Jackson has given details of the devastating toll the molestation trial had on his brother Michael in 2005, and says his body had "disintegrated."

In his new book You Are Not Alone - Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes, the 56-year-old details attending the highly-publicised trial in which Michael was accused of child molestation. Speaking about how Michael put on a brave front, Jermaine writes: "Outwardly, my brother projects a hardened image: detached, expressionless, almost cold."

"Inwardly, the bolted brackets that had been holding him together are snapping violently under pressure, one by one. 

Jermaine then goes on to explain his shock at how frail his brother had become due to the stress of the trial. "Michael winces with the pain in his rib-cage and lower back, but I sense his mental pain is far greater," he recalls.

"In the past week, I have witnessed his physical disintegration. At 46 years old, his lean dancer's body has withered to a fragile frame; his walk has become a pained, faltering gait; his dazzle is reduced to that forced smile; he looks gaunt, haggard."

Jermaine's recollection of Michael's deterioating health comes just days after a body of the singer's dead naked body was shown to the court, and depicted a frame so skinny he was merely skin and bones. 

You Are Not Alone - Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes is out now.

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