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Amber Rose Says She Does Not Regret Tattooing Wiz Khalifa's Name On Body

Price of love...

By Alicia Adejobi on Thursday 20th October 2011 Photo by Inked / Splash News

Amber Rose says that she does not regret tattooing boyfriend Wiz Khalifa's name on her body, and encourages other couples to do the same.

Wiz and his model lover decided to take the plunge and show their dedication to each other through ink. Both have a penchant for getting tattoos and Amber says that she only got it done because they are in their relationship for the long haul.

"Wiz and I did it, but we want to be together forever," Amber told Inked magazine. "So I guess really make sure you want to be with that person forever, and try to wait until you're older, when you can make better decisions. I suggest getting a small tattoo, just in case you break up - then it's an easy cover up."

Amber also took the opportunity to say that she tries not to let haters effect her, saying: "It's not easy - I won't lie. But I choose to keep my life positive. I'm no perfect, so I ask God to forgive me all the time and thank him for helping me grow into a better woman. That gets me through everything."

Amber Rose shows off tattoo at Maxim party...


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