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Groupie Convinced Andre 3000 Is Gay After Sexual Encounter

Female says rapper had 'issues'...


Groupie Convinced Andre 3000 Is Gay After Sexual Encounter


A groupie who claims to have had an encounter with Outkast’s Andre 3000 some years ago, came forward in an recent interview to say that she thinks he is gay.

According to MediaTakeOut when asked where she met the 36-year-old rap star she replied, “We met the year of 2004 at an after party for Outkast after they won their Grammy's for The Love Below/SpeakerBox. He approached me.”

When probed about more details regarding their encounter, the female replied, “He was really rough with me. He was really into my nipples… I realized that his penis was crooked. Its not pretty at all. That turned me off.”

“He is an okay lover. Not great. And his penis wasn't all that. His body is skinny and he slouches. I forgot to mention that he fell asleep afterwards too. That part was so lame.”

When asked if she would do it again, the unidentified female said, “No, I think he's gay.”

She elaborated by saying, “And why do I think that? Because he said he didn't want a girlfriend because he had issues. He was definitely seeing a lot of women or having sex with alot of women and maybe some men.”

The woman then claims that he upgraded another female he was seeing at the time to his “assistant” adding, “what made it so gross and weird was that she was 45 years old! And Andre was only 29 years old! And he was screwing her…. she went through his phone trying to tell all the people Dre was having sex with that she was the main chick but she wasn't.”

Do you believe this groupie tale?

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