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Soulja Boy Admits He Makes 'Mistakes' With His Lyrics After Military Controversy

Think before you speak maybe?


Soulja Boy Admits He Makes 'Mistakes' With His Lyrics After Military Controversy

Photo: Kat Goduco/

Soulja Boy has admitted that he sometimes makes "mistakes" with his lyrics, and says that he does not think about what he is going to say when he hits the recording booth.

The 21-year-old's comments come just months after his caused controversy with his tracks 'Let's Be Real' in which he slammed soldiers for fighting in the war. Soulja faced intense backlash from the public and ex-army members and he was forced to apologise in addition to removing the song from his forthcoming album. 

Now, the rapper admits that he does get carried away with his lyrics. "Words are powerful," he told "When I make mistakes I just try to come back and clarify what I meant. I just handle it by having people around me that's gonna be like, 'Hey Soulja, you know, I don't think you should say that s**t.'"

"Most of the time I go into the studio, if I'm not writing the song before I do the beat, I just freestyle. So that's how I get messed up. If I say something bad on a track, most of the time, it was said non-consciously."

Should Soulja think before he spits?

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