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Did Nike Force Kanye West To Change His Name?

Yeezy to Yeezi...


Did Nike Force Kanye West To Change His Name?

Photo: Will Alexander/

Reports have surfaced that Kanye West has been forced to change his name as sportswear giant Nike have trademarked the name.

The rapper usually spells his nickname 'Yeezy' but he has recently been using the spelling 'Yeezie' on clothes and even his 'Watch The Throne' tour props. Kanye unveiled his first fashion line Dw in Paris last month but it was noted that 'Yeezie' was written on the back instead. 

The 'Watch The Throne' tour is now underway and stage props have been imprinted with the new spelling as opposed to the old. Yeezy or Yeezie is yet to announce why he has changed the name, but some claim that Nike have forced him to do so as they own trainers called Air Yeezy.

Why do you think Kanye has changed his name? Which spelling do you prefer?

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