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Maino Denies Romance With Olivia, Says He Is Dating Gabourey Sidibe!

Fear not, he was joking...

By Alicia Adejobi on Thursday 3rd November 2011 Photo by WENN.com

Maino has denied that he is dating rapper Olivia and instead revealed that he is having a fling with Gabourey Sidibe.

The two rappers were caught in a compromising position earlier this week, and an onlooker snapped a photo of them kissing. Many were shocked at the supposed new coupling, but Maino has shot down rumours that they are hip-hop's hottest new couple.

"2 words: Publicity Stunt" Maino tweeted yesterday. "F**k outta here!!! That aint me in those pics, it was @unclemurda!!! Foreal! Lol." Another tweet read: "Ok, listen I'm going to admit this to all my people and come clean once and for all I am in a very serious relationship. Do yall wanna know who," he teased.

Referring to Gabourey, he added: "I am currently in love and dating the girl from "Precious", yes its true. I like'em THICK."

Olivia also denied that she was dating the rapper, telling Fresh Like Dougie. "Sorry to burst yall bubble this morning but those are old memories."

Both comments were coy - do you think they are dating?

R&B and Hip-Hop's hottest royal couples...


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