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Dwyane Wade Did Cheat On Gabrielle Union With Lauren London

According to a source...


Dwyane Wade Did Cheat On Gabrielle Union With Lauren London

Photo: Apega/

A source has come forward to allege that Dwyane Wade did in fact cheat on Gabrielle Union with Lauren London - and also claims there were many other women he has kept on the down-low.

Earlier this year, the NBA player was forced to deny that he had had an affair with Lauren when emails surfaced which appeared to show he did. Dwyane described Lauren as his "sister" and claimed that they were best friends, not lovers. 

Gabby and Dwyane have put on a united front, attending red carpet events together while looking seemingly in love, however, a source has emerged to put a dark cloud over their bliss to allege that Dwyane has been having affairs with a string of women.

"He cheats on Gabrielle Union all the time," the source told Bossip. "I've known Dwyane a long time. Let me explain how long... I used to pay him visits when he used to reside at the Setai. That was one of his many residences in Miami. That was his chill spot back in the days when he was married. Gabrielle was also a frequent visitor, as well as [Lauren] London."

The source adds: "They were on an in and out basis, he had them h*es in rotation."

It seems the source is speaking from experience as she admits that she had a fling with Dwyane. "I too had my situation with Dwyane. Can’t lie, he is great in bed, but I definitely would not take him seriously the way Gabrielle does."

"They like to act like they are Michelle and Barack, when in reality things are not what they seem. Every time some type of gossip comes out they have to make an appearance to show the media how real they are!"

Do you believe Dwyane has several women on the go?

Dwayne Wade cops a feel of Gabrielle Unions behind on red carpet...


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