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Jaden Smith And Justin Bieber Remix Frank Ocean Track

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Jaden Smith And Justin Bieber Remix Frank Ocean Track


Best buddies Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber have re-recorded Bridget Kelly’s single ‘Thinking About Forever,’ which was written by Frank Ocean.

The song which also may be known as ‘Thinking About You’ is dedicated to all of the beautiful ladies, with Justin on singing and rapping duties and Jaden making an appearance to lay down a verse spitting, “But people say you really like me and I hope that’s true/You my baby girl and I hope you know it/A boy will tell you that he loves you but a man will show it.”

The romantic love song sees the two teenagers letting their fans know that they think about them all the time with Bieber at the end saying, “Gonna be the man that treat you right/Be the man to hold you tight/You know I know you right/let’s go into the night.”

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