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Has Beyonce Got The Worst Legs In Show Biz?

Bey Bey legs get slammed in UK...


Has Beyonce Got The Worst Legs In Show Biz?

Photo: Splash News/WENN

Following a torrent of abuse that Beyonce suffered yesterday via this article published in the UK - I thought I would get your opinion - has Beyonce got 'the worst pair of legs in show biz'?

The singer came under fire from this picture of her out on Saturday night in New York with hubby, Jay-Z.

People have referred to her legs as 'tree trunks', worthy of a Manchester United player (soccer player). One commenter said: "Those thighs could kick start Concorde - put them away!"

Another added: "Look even worse in her flats...make her legs look even more fat...short and stumpy...not a great of the worst pair in legs in show biz! And I agree about the comment that she looks like that Man U player..."

What do you think of these comments? Check out our snaps of Beyonce's pins - and lets us know what you think!!!


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