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Keri Hilson Has Beef With Beyonce And Jay-Z?

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Keri Hilson Has Beef With Beyonce And Jay-Z?


Keri Hilson has sparked speculation that she has beef with Beyonce and Jay-Z, when she threw them shade at the Soul Train Awards last week.

The 'Pretty Girl Rock' singer is known for being vocal when she feels a certain way about things, and when Juicy magazine asked her to pose with their latest issue on the red carpet, she refused.

Beyonce and Jay-Z feature on the latest issue, and when Keri saw their faces on the cover, she handed the magazine straight back to the reporter saying that she could not hold it. When the reporter asks Keri to hold the magazine, Keri asks: "Yeah, who's that?" 

When she looks down at the magazine, she shakes her head and says: "No, I can't do that, I'm sorry."

Do you think Keri has a problem with Bey and Jay?

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