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Toni Braxton Makes Another Racist Gaff About New Boyfriend

Doesn't she stop?


Toni Braxton Makes Another Racist Gaff About New Boyfriend


Toni Braxton has made yet another racist gaff in regards to dating a white man, and also reveals that she is still seeing her ex-husband. 

The singer caused up a stir earlier this month when telling Anderson Cooper that she was playing in the snow, when referring to dating a white man. Despite shocking the audience when making the shocking admission the first time, Toni has said it yet again, this time in an interview with

"I went on a few dates with a Caucasian guy, super nice, super cute, super sexy," she told the website. "We’ve just been on a few dates, he’s not my man.  Who knew vanilla tasted so good?" she added.

Revealing her celebrity crush, Toni said: "My ideal kinda guy, if I was really gonna go there even though he’s married, is Mark Wahlberg. To me he’s a little Black and White, the kinda guy who would understand if I pull my weave out. He wouldn’t say, ‘What a weave?’ I feel like he would understand my culture, that’s important to me."

Meanwhile, Toni admitted that she is still on friendly terms with her ex-husband, and even claimed that they go on dates together. "We’ve gone out on a few dates, I’m not gonna deny that. When you have kids with a person, and you really love a person, but you realize that being together is not an option right now," she revealed.

Do you find Toni's comments about dating white men offensive?

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