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Trina Leads Search For 'America's Next Top Rapper'

Joined by Rockwilder and Little X...


Trina Leads Search For 'America's Next Top Rapper'

Photo: Johnny Louis/

Ex-Slip-N-Slide rapper Trina is to lead a new reality TV search for America's Next Top Rapper.

Producer Rockwilder and popular hip-hop video director X, formerly Little X, will join the Miami femcee as they scour the U.S. to find rap's newest star.

The winner will get everything needed to start an industry assault, including a beat from Rockwilder, a video from X, clothing, a photoshoot, a distribution deal with Universal Music, and a national deal - on top of a $20,000 prize fund.

An initial run of auditions will hit eight cities across the country, starting in Boston in early December. More dates are planned for spring 2012 before the finals next summer.

The only downside? There's a $200 registration fee - so you better have skills.

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