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Kim Kardashian Apologies To Khloe On Twitter After 'Ugly Troll' Comments

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Kim Kardashian Apologies To Khloe On Twitter After 'Ugly Troll' Comments

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Kim Kardashian has apologised to younger sister Khloe on Twitter for calling her an "evil ugly little troll."

The two siblings in addition to their older sister Kourtney are known for constantly bickering but things reached a whole new level on last night's episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

Khloe was visiting her sisters at their hotel in NYC when she decided to wake Kim up an hour early. "It's so rude to wake me up out of my sleep when I had an alarm set, please get out," Kim told Khloe.

Kim then complained to Kourtney about the situation, saying on the phone: "Khloe barged in here and woke me the f*ck up... I've been working 18 hours a day."

Relations between the two then went from bad to worse when Khloe alleged that Kim sent her hurtful text messages such as calling her an "evil ugly little troll." 

While they have already made up, Kim was clearly watching the episode at the time of broadcast because she wrote to Khloe on Twitter: "I was so mean to @KhloeKardashian I'm soorrrrrrryyyy KoKo! U know I love u soooo much! The things sisters do & say to each other!"

Who was in the wrong?

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