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Missy Elliott & Misha B Strike Up Friendship After 'X Factor' Ousting

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Missy Elliott & Misha B Strike Up Friendship After 'X Factor' Ousting

Photo: Chris Connor / WENN

Firstly Misha B was mentored by worldwide superstar Kelly Rowland, but now she has also struck up a friendship with rapper Missy Elliott.

The 19-year-old was ousted from the talent contest on Sunday night, but it seems Missy has every faith that Misha will become a star. "Congratulations to all the SUCCESS that will be coming 2 u! U R talented:)," Missy wrote to Misha on Twitter.

Speaking about how their online friendship begun, Misha told The Sun: "A lot of my fans were tweeting her - but I didn't know about it. She's been watching some of my performances on X Factor - some of the links that my fans have posted to her - and she's given me a lot of praise and support."

Misha also revealed that the two could be hitting the studio together soon, adding: "So I just thought, right, OK, this is one of my heroes - let me just tweet her. I totally didn't expect to get a reply but she replied and we got chatting - and hopefully, you know, with music we can work together."

Would you like Misha and Missy to work together?


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