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Soulja Boy Claims Ex-Manager 'Exploited His Stupidity' By Conning Him Out Of

Rapper is suing former boss...


Soulja Boy Claims Ex-Manager 'Exploited His Stupidity' By Conning Him Out Of

Photo: Johnny Louis/

Soulja Boy says his former manager took advantage of him as a teenager and manipulated him into signing multiple "oppresive" contracts.

The Mississippi rapper was only 16 when he burst onto the scene with 'Crank That,' which later went 3x Platinum.

Now aged 21, Soulja, real name DeAndre Cortez Way, has filed a lawsuit against his ex-boss/lawyer Philip Ransom, claiming he was made to ink deals that court papers describe as "unconscionable, oppresive and unjust," including one contract that specified Ransom should receive 5% of Soulja Boy's total income - forever.

TMZ report another deal said 50% of all Way's music copyrights would go to the record label, which he argues is "commercially unreasonable" and "contrary to music industry custom and practice."

Ransom denies all allegations, and has made a counterclaim alleging Soulja actually owes him money.

The bad news keeps piling up for Soulja Boy - has he had the unluckiest year in rap?

Soulja Boy parties in Las Vegas for 21st birthday...


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