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Mo'Nique's Parents Hurt She Went Public With Family Sex Shame

By CJ Rutter on Tuesday 20th April 2010 Photo by WENN

Mo'Nique's parents relived their family's darkest hour on Oprah's chat show yesterday (19 April) and they revealed that they wished their Oscar-winning daughter had told them first that she was going to go public with her child molestation hell.

Tha actress told the world that her brother, Gerald, was a teenage sexual predator last year. She revealed that this is how she was able to get into her role as Mary Jones in 'Precious'. This revelation opened up a 30-year-old wound for her parents, Alice and Steven Imes.

On the show, they appeared with their disgraced son, who confessed to the inappropriate behaviour with his sister. He was 13 and she was eight. The couple told Oprah that they thought the matter had been addressed when they asked Gerald to move out of the family home temporarily after Mo'Nique had told her parents that her older brother had "tried to lay on top of me" when she was 15.

Gerald Imes on Oprah Winfrey show yesterday

Alice Imes said: "I felt hurt for both of my kids...I let her (Mo'Nique) know that I believed her. I said, 'Mo'Nique, I understand you don't wanna go back (to) when it (sexual assault) was. Do you feel like, to clear yourself, you need to go and we can talk to someone other than myself, that you can cleanse and let this out.' She said, 'No mom, I'm fine; I just want to let you know that this happened."

Imes regrets not revisiting the sexual assault with Mo'Nique after Gerald returned to the family home - but, she also said she was hurt that Mo'Nique  decided to go public with the family's secret on national TV.

The family feel that Mo'Nique should have addressed them first before the revelation. They also revealed that they haven't spoken to the actress for more than two years and that she had "separated herself" from the family over another matter.


Watch her brother's apology... 


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