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Joe Budden Says Kendrick Lamar 'Is Impressive'

Also praised Jay-Z...


Joe Budden Says Kendrick Lamar 'Is Impressive'


Joe Budden has described rap newcomer Kendrick Lamar as "impressive."

Speaking on ESPN's The Life, the Slaughterhouse emcee said: “Kendrick Lamar is impressive, I guess there are a few guys out there that are impressive.”

But the 31-year-old New Jersey rapper cautiously added: “With some of the newer guys that are a little less accomplished and experienced, I've seen it so many times: They come out, they're hot and they fall off.”

The former Def Jam rapper also went on to recall a time when he bumped into Jay-Z at the height of his solo success in 2003, saying: “I bumped into Jay-Z at the Def Jam offices and I was at the height of my success and he said, 'You're doing great out there. Now go keep it up.'"

"And that stuck with me. Anybody can go out there and score 30 on any given night and never do it again. But the talent is being able to do it on a consistent basis. So that's what I'm trying to see from the younger guys. That's what I'm doing now."

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