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Jadakiss: 'Certain Rappers Will Not Have Careers In Five Years'

Who's he talking about?


Jadakiss: 'Certain Rappers Will Not Have Careers In Five Years'


Jadakiss has given his two cents about the music industry and says that certain rappers will not have careers in five year's time.

The rapper has managed to sustain a lengthy career in the rap game, despite not gaining mainstream success. However, he says this is more of an advantage than some rappers who are currently experiencing worldwide stardom.

"Longevity is an accomplishment within itself. Sometime people overlook how long you been in the game," Jada told XXL Mag.

"This is a game that deals with a lot of bulls**t, you gotta be happy, take care of your family and bask in the glory of your loved ones. Sometimes the glory you see, the outside world don't see that."

Without giving names, Jada goes on to say that certain artists should enjoy the success they have now as it will not last. "There's a lot of artists that's scorching hot right now, that won't have a five year career, or 10 years, nothing. At the end of the day I just feel blessed to be here," he added.

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