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Nicki Minaj Denies Ass Implants

Rumours bounce off the rapper...

By CJ Rutter on Tuesday 27th April 2010 Photo by Splash News

The world's been buzzing about Nicki Minaj's body. Has she or hasn't she!?

Some people are claiming that the singer may have had cosmetic surgery - most likely on her butt. Some say that she uses butt pads and others - even implants. But Nicki isn't phased by this according to the NY Post.

When asked if the rumours are getting on her nerves, she said: "Absolutely not! People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment. I love being a conversation piece."

But, the "Massive Attack" rapper reckons that she has changed. She says that she wants to record new material already because her debut album doesn't reflect who she is anymore.

"It's a certain kind of swag that's changed in me. I want to be more aggressive."

So maybe all this chat has affected her!?



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