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PHOTOS: Eve & Boyfriend Spotted Looking Miserable At Airport

Happy couple?


PHOTOS: Eve & Boyfriend Spotted Looking Miserable At Airport

Photo: Splash News

Eve made a rare apperance with her multi-millionaire boyfriend Maximillion Cooper earlier, when they were spotted at JKF airport yesterday.

The couple looked slightly miserable as they waited to go through security, and were probably not too happy about being snapped by the waiting photographers. Eve dressed down for the flight wearing a baggy peppermint green sweater teamed with leggings and black boots and kept her hair hidden in a scarf and straw hat.

Meanwhile, her gumball tycoon boyfriend also rocked the scruffy look, wearing a tracksuit and dark sunglasses similar to his rapper girlfriend.

Eve revealed last year that she was dating someone secretly, before they were seen together at an event. She also said that she was ready to get married and settle down with children, so 2012 could see an engagement on the horizon for the couple.

Max is divorced from his business partner Julie Brangstrup, with whom he has four children.

Check out the pics of the two in the gallery below.

Eve and boyfriend Maximillion Cooper look miserable at airport...


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