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Joe Budden To Get Back With Ex-Girlfriend Tahiry Jones?

Has to 'court' her...


Joe Budden To Get Back With Ex-Girlfriend Tahiry Jones?

Photo: Dominic Chan/

Joe Budden and his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jones are apparently trying to reconcile their relationship now that they are on speaking terms.

The couple had a very public and bitter falling out last year, but then confusion occured when she claimed he had proposed to her after their break-up. Another expletive-filled war of words between the two then ensued on Twitter, when Joe denied getting down on one knee.

Revealing that the two are now able to sit down and have a normal conversation, Tahiry told XXLMag: "Me and Joe, we’re at that space where from time to time we fall in and out of our friendship. He didn’t pop up this time. We’re not at the space where we’re disliking each other."

"We’re able to sit today and just talk sometimes as two human beings who were together for a long time. Because he was in my life a long time, pretty much in that age range where you’re growing up with somebody, we have conversations."

However, she does admit that they still argue and occasionally lose contact with each other. "We go times without speaking, where I disagree how he runs his life and he might disagree with mine. Then, there’s times when we get back and it’s like, ‘How are you?’ We always manage to, whatever’s happening, check up on each other. That day was pretty much having a conversation about relationships and what went wrong."

Despite being an "open book," Tahiry refused to say whether she would accept a marriage proposal from Joe should they eventually get back together.

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