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VIDEO: Yelawolf Punches Stage Invader At Californian Concert

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VIDEO: Yelawolf Punches Stage Invader At Californian Concert

Photo: JLN Photography/

Shady Records' Yelawolf recently had to take matters into his own hands during a performance in San Antos, California, when a crazed concert-goer tried to storm the stafge.

One fan managed to crowd surf his way to the front of the stage before leaping up, evading security and tackling the Alabama emcee to the floor; leading an embarassed Yelawolf to swing for the fan multiple times as he was being handled by security.

The incident follows on from a similar attack on DMX last week, whose set was rudely interrupted by an over-excited fan who attempted to strangle him, again in California.

What's up with rap fans in Cali right now?

Watch the Yelawolf altercation below...

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