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The Weeknd: 'Common's Drake Diss Is The Worst Comeback I've Ever Heard'

Canadian singer sides with Drizzy!


The Weeknd: 'Common's Drake Diss Is The Worst Comeback I've Ever Heard'

Photo: Judy Eddy/

Singer/producer The Weeknd has made it clear who he's siding with in the beef between fellow Canadian Drake and Common, claiming Com's new diss is "the worst comeback [he's] ever heard."

The House of Balloons star posted his response to Common's explosive 'Stay Schemin' remix on Twitter yesterday, also dismissing it as reminding him of "someone's drunk uncle."

"That was the worst comeback ive ever heard. reminds me of someone's drunk uncle..," he wrote.

His comments should come as no surprise to hip-hop fans - the 21-year-old, real name Abel Tesfaye, has been closely affiliated with Drake since breaking onto the scene last year, making up the 'XO' part of Drizzy's extended rap family 'OVOXO'.

However, after producer Noah '40' Shebib's comments last month, Weeknd has become the second Drake affiliate to speak out on the rapper's behalf.

Despite Rick Ross and Scarface both urging the warring emcees to end the beef, how long before one of Drizzy's Young Money labelmates decides to step into the ring with him, too?

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