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Fat Joe Responds To Illuminati Rumours Amid Chris Brown Music Video Controversy

Doesn't know anything about it...

By Richard Gilzene on Thursday 12th January 2012 Photo by Johnny Louis/WENN.com

Fat Joe has laughed off a number of rumours on Twitter linking him to the mysterious Illuminati organsation after fans claim to have spotted clues in the video for his latest single 'Another Round.'

The clip, directed by Colin Tilley, opens with Joe and guest vocalist Chris Brown standing on a beach in front of a pyramid shaped tent flanked by two bikini-clad women. Conspiracy theorists have taken the shot to be an Illuminati-signifier and have bombarded the Bronx rapper's Twitter account with accusations since the video was released over the Christmas break.

However, in an interview with MTV, Joey Crack denied any involvement with the Illuminati, saying he doesn't have a clue about the shadowy group: "I don’t even know a thing about the Illuminati. My Twitter is going off, ‘We lost another one, Illuminati,’ What are you talking about man?"

"I have no clue. I don’t know…send me a check Illuminati or something, I don’t know what’s going on man."

Accusation of Illuminati affiliation have plagued some of hip-hop's biggest stars for decades, with some internet commentators even recently claiming the name of Jay-Z's new born daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, is a tribute to the organisation.

Watch Fat Joe's video for 'Another Round' and judge its Illuminati credibility for yourself...

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