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Asher Roth Denies Beef With Mac Miller!

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By Georgi Lavers on Friday 13th January 2012 Photo by Judy Eddy/ Ray Garbo/ WENN.com

‘I Love College’ rapper Asher Roth is putting internet rumours of a beef between him and Mac Miller to bed. 

Mac started the speculation last November, when talking about Asher’s decline in popularity to XXL Magazine.

"Asher Roth came out with 'I Love College' and that's not really him as an artist," Mac told the magazine. "He likes to rap his ass off. He likes to spit, and he's on some positive change the world type sh*t for the better, and that's not him."

Not too inflammatory, and Roth agreed, saying: "There's no beef at all. Mac, he's from Pittsburgh, too. Young kid, energetic, happy as hell to be here. I don't know him like that at all, I wish I could -- He's a good kid. I'm the last person that's going to take food off someone's plate." 

He also agreed with Miller’s assertion that he had disappeared, saying: "For about two years, we were pretty quiet on the mainstream and this is the information era. So, two years is a really long time, man. You should be gone, technically -  wiped away." 

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