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Common Addresses Drake Feud Yet Again, 'I Had To stand Up For Hip-Hop'

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Common Addresses Drake Feud Yet Again, 'I Had To stand Up For Hip-Hop'

Photo: C.M. Wiggins/

Common has addressed his beef with Drake yet again, saying that he was just standing up for hip-hop.

The two have been fueding back and forth for months after Drizzy thought Com was firing shots at him on his track Sweet. It reached a climax two weeks ago when Common retaliated to Drake's diss his Stay Schemin' freestyle, and Drake has remained silent ever since. 

In an interview with Bossip, Common explains why he called out current rappers for singing in hip-hop. "Music makes me feel something, When I heard that beat and I hear hip-hop looked so sweet, like what's sweet to me?" he said.

"It ain't just about singing, when you describe someone as sweet, they ain't real, they ain't authentic, they're the type that'll say something fake to you. That song is like me standing up for what I feel hip-hop is. I still feel hip-hop should have the raw element."

Com reveals how he first heard Drake's diss on Rick Ross' 'Stay Schemin': "I was in my barber shop and my barber was like, yo, I heard some shots fired at you. Then one of my guys played it for me, and I was kinda like, aiite, cool."

"You're coming at me, I gotta let him know you can't come at me. I'm not that guy for you to come at me and I ain't say nothing. For me, I said what I had to say and I said it on the record. I'ma leave it at that. This is hip-hop, you threw me a blow, I'ma throw you a blow."

"I don't have nothing against him personally," he added.

The Common and Drake beef: A Photo timeline...


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