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Deion Sanders Denies Offering Ex-Wife Pilar Money For Sex



Deion Sanders Denies Offering Ex-Wife Pilar Money For Sex


Deion Sanders has denied that he offered his ex-wife Pilar financial support in return for sexual favours.

The sparring former couple are currently going through a court battle after Pilar alleged Deion cut off her credit cards meaning she has been unable to support their children. In the court papers, Pilar went on to claim that Deion eventually decided to offer her money but only if she had sex with him.

Now, TMZ reports that Deion has slammed the reports, telling friends that she is simply trying to extort him for his millions.

Sources told the website that Deion sent a cheque for $10,000 but Pilar rejected the money.

A "close advisor" to Deion said: "Pilar has continued to make false statements in an attempt to extort additional money, in spite of the generous pre-nup that she voluntarily signed."

"Deion is going to allow a judge to resolve this privately, then he looks forward to setting the record straight publicly at the appropriate time."

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