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Dappy's Girlfriend Tattoos His Name All Over Body!

It must be love!


Dappy's Girlfriend Tattoos His Name All Over Body!

Photo: Sakura/

Dappy has revealed that his girlfriend Kaye has tattooed his name all over her body as a show of her dedication to the rapper.

The couple have had a tumultuous relationship with Dappy being arrested on suspicion of assaulting Kaye and having two children together, despite him admitting that he has cheated on her in the past.

However, it seems the couple are going strong and are in their relationship for the long-haul as Dappy reveals Kaye has tattooed his name on her body.

"My girlfriend's got a tattoo of me. She's got my name on her back. She's got my initials on her leg. She had my name on the back of her neck as well. It's crazy," he told Q magazine.

"She's got Amy Winehouse on her arm. She's got lots, she's a tomboy."

Do you think Dappy and Kaye's relationship will last?

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