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Foxy Brown: I Just Knew God Had Got Me Then

Rapper talks about her temporary deafness and how she got her name…


Foxy Brown: I Just Knew God Had Got Me Then

Photo: WENN

Foxy Brown appeared on The Mo'Nique Show earlier this week, and broke down when talking about the deafness which struck overnight in 2005.

She said on the show: "It was 100 percent gone overnight. They don't even know why...Wednesday night [in 2005], I was up shooting the cover of XXL with Jay-Z, Kanye and LeBron and Thursday morning I woke up and couldn't hear anything. I was completely deaf, 100 percent...I just knew that God had got me then. Because I kept running and dodging him and he kept giving me signs and little warnings, and they say God will get you first in private and if he don't get you then, then he'll get you in public."

'Brooklyn's Don Diva' also reminisced about how she got her Foxy Brown moniker, she said: "I was 14, 15-years-old, Jay-Z and I were in the studio and we had this hit record. Jay-Z's like, 'What's your name gonna be?'And I'm like, 'I don't know, I don't know what to say...what to say.' But I've always been a fan of Pam so they came out with, why don't you say Coffee or Friday Foster or Sheba Baby...but I said, no baby. It's gotta be Foxy Brown, the one and only!"

Watch her on the Mo'Nique show...



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