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VIDEO: Jennifer Williams Gets Slapped Down In Wild 'Basketball Wives' Season 4 Trailer

It's all out war!

By Richard Gilzene on Friday 10th February 2012 Photo by Youtube/VH1

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams discovers first-hand what the five fingers said to the face in the explosive new trailer for season four of the VH1 show.

In a heated dining room scene, former best pal Evelyn Lozada's assistant plants one straight upside Williams' head before Evelyn springboards from a table to join in the attack with a metal tray.

It's just one of a clutch of wild scenes in the extended five minute promo, with Lozada also setting her sights on newcomer Kenya Bell, chasing her around a table before launching a wine bottle at her head.

The series' other new addition, Kesha Nicols, also takes a disliking to Kenya after watching one of her music videos, calling her a "f**king weirdo."

Watch the crazy promo below...

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