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PHOTOS: Ray J Breaks Down At LAX After Whitney Houston's Funeral

Not coping...


PHOTOS: Ray J Breaks Down At LAX After Whitney Houston's Funeral

Photo: JMA / Splash News

Ray J appeared to have a breakdown at LAX airport yesterday after attending Whitney Houston's funeral.

The 'One Wish' singer looked downcast as he made his way through the airport accompanied by a bodyguard who hugged him and held him up.

At one point, Ray seemed to be overwhelmed with emotion and crouched down against a wall with his head in his hands, seemingly having a moment to himself before he left the airport.

Ray became a talking point at the funeral on Saturday when he had another meltdown, breaking down in tears and grabbing onto Whitney's casket as it was led down the aisle.

The pair dated on and off for two years in 2007, before reconciling shortly before her death. They were seen out on a dinner date together two weeks ago and it is also believed she called him shortly before she was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Check out the pics of Ray J at LAX airport.

Ray J breaks down at LAX after Whitney Houston's funeral...


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