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Erick Sermon: 'Gay Rappers Will Never Be Accepted In Hip-Hop'

Time to get tolerant?


Erick Sermon: 'Gay Rappers Will Never Be Accepted In Hip-Hop'

Photo: Dominic Chan/

Erick Sermon believes rappers will never be an openly gay rapper, because it would be treated as a "curse" by the hip-hop community.

Speaking to Vlad TV, the EPMD rapper claimed the situation was paralleled in the sporting world.

"We don't know if that's going to ever happen because that's like a curse to be in sports and to be gay and be in hip-hop and be gay. You can't be on a basketball team, a football team and be homo and be rapping like, 'Yo, yo.' N****s will kill you," he told said.

Sermon, who has been at the center of gay rumours for years, has made his comments after Azealia Banks recently outed herself as bisexual and Harlem newcomer A$AP Rocky in his latest interview insisting it was time for rap to be more accepting.

Do you agree with Erick Sermon - will hip-hop never accept the gay lifestyle?

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