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Kim Kardashian 'Furious' Over Ray J's Tell-All Book About Relationship

Doesn't want him cashing in...


Kim Kardashian 'Furious' Over Ray J's Tell-All Book About Relationship


Kim Kardashian is said to be "furious" with Ray J for releasing a tell-all book in which he supposedly reveals details of their relationship.

Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray was released on Valentine's Day and sees Ray spill the details of several of his former relationships.

While he does not directly name Kim as the women he discusses, he doesn't do a good job in disguising the mystery woman by naming her 'KK.' 

Ray supposedly claims that Kim "hypnotised him with sex" and even says that they began dating while she was still with her ex-husband Damon Thomas.

Now, a source says that Kim is shocked Ray would betray her this way and believes he is doing it for the money. "Kim's putting on a brave face, but she's furious about Ray J cashing in on her. There's so much that has gone wrong for her this year - he's just another persno trying to humiliate her."

Do you think Ray was trying to cash in on their relationship?

Kim Kardashian shimmers in blue gown at New York Fashion Week...


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