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Drake Teases Female Fans With Shirtless Photo

Buff or bloated?


Drake Teases Female Fans With Shirtless Photo

Photo: October'

Drake has made all female fans across the globe swoon at the sight of his body, by sharing a shirtless photo of himself.

The 'Crew Love' rapper uploaded the black and white photo on his October's Very Own website, to show off the affects of his gym training. Drizzy wasn't known for having a ripped body, which is why he decided to start hitting the gym and has posted photos of himself pumping some serious iron in the gym.

Aside from admiring the results of his workouts, Drake has been busy filming the music video for his upcoming single 'Take Care' with former fling Rihanna. The video is said to be in the final stages of editing, so fans will not have long to wait.

What do you think of Drake's body? Are you feelings his guns of steel or does he need a few more sessions?

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