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DMX: 'Jay-Z Held Back My Def Jam Career To 'Eliminate Competiton'

Going to war again!


DMX: 'Jay-Z Held Back My Def Jam Career To 'Eliminate Competiton'

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Comeback rapper DMX claims Jay-Z purposely blocked the release of his last album at Def Jam in order to "eliminate the competition" before making his own return to rap.

Speaking during an explosive interview with New York station Power 105.1, in which he also took aim at Drake and Rick Ross, DMX revealed Hov's time as CEO of the legendary played a big part in his departure.

"When [Jay-Z] first got the job he hit me with the call like, 'Yo Dog, the inmates is running the building, you good!'. I finished the album, shoot the video ... then what happened? [He] went to go on vaction and was like, 'we don't know.'

"How do you listen to a whole album, pick a single, shoot a video and then you don't know?" the increasingly angry rapper added. "I see what's really good - you trying to eliminate the competiton. Because at first you retire, then get me off the label... and now you're back rapping again."

Later on in the in interview DMX swung for MMG boss Rick Ross, claiming his subject matter is limited to 'talking about eating' and took wild shots at Drake, saying "I don't like his f**king voice, I don't like anything he talks about."

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