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Kyla Pratt Tweets First Photos of Her Baby Daughter



Kyla Pratt Tweets First Photos of Her Baby Daughter

Photo: Twitter/Kyla Pratt

Kyla Pratt has posted the first pictures of her baby girl, Lyric.

The actress gave birth in secrecy in 2010, choosing not to announce her pregnancy until a year after the child was born.

However, earlier this month Kyla finally gave fans a look at her little mini-me in a cute comic strip posted to Twitter made up of pictures of Lyric playing with a phone.

Earlier this year the 25-year-old One on One star explained her decision to not reveal she was having a child, saying she wanted to avoid the sort of rumours and scrutiny that surrounded fellow actresses like Lauren London.

"I never announced being pregnant because I watched people in the industry have a baby, like Jennifer Freeman and Lauren London," she told VIBE Vixen.

People don’t know the actual story or know what’s really going on, and they are so negative and hurtful."

"I didn’t want to go through that with my pregnancy. The baby can feel what you’re feeling, so I was like I’m going to enjoy my pregnancy without having people have something to say."

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