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Tyler Perry: 'Black Women Were Furious I Hired Kim Kardashian For Movie'

Intense backlash...


Tyler Perry: 'Black Women Were Furious I Hired Kim Kardashian For Movie'


Tyler Perry has revealed that he received intense backlash from black women when he hired Kim Kardashian to star in his latest movie.

The producer and director made an appearance on Chelsea Lately last week and spoke candidly about casting Kim in The Marriage Counselor. Tyler had already hired Kim for the role before she announced her divorce from Kris Humphries after just 72 days.

Angered fans started petitions to get her kicked off the movie, and even tried to boycott Tyler's project completely. 

"I didn’t know very much about Kim. Somebody said, ‘What about Kim Kardashian?’ and I said ‘Okay, sounds great,’ and then I get — all hell broke loose, man," he told Chelsea.

"She’s in a movie called The Marriage Counselor and I found out she’s going through a divorce after a few days. I mean, all hell broke loose. Every black woman in America was after me for that."

When Chelsea asked Tyler what women were writing to him on Twitter, he replied: "They were tweeting, ‘Have you lost your mind? All of the black women that need work and you’re hiring Kim Kardashian?’"

"But when they see the movie they’ll see it’s a small role that I wrote for her and she did a great job in it."

"You’re gonna be surprised. You’ll call me up and say, ‘You know what? She did a really good job," he added.

Were you angry Tyler cast Kim in the movie?

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