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Ciara Forgives 50 Cent For 'Breaking Her Heart' During Relationship?



Ciara Forgives 50 Cent For 'Breaking Her Heart' During Relationship?

Photo: Starbux/

Ciara has hinted that she and 50 Cent are dating again after posting a series of suggestive messages on Twitter.

The 'Ride' singer dated the beefed up rapper in 2007 when they collaborated on 'Can't Leave 'em Alone' but things ended bitterly and they ended up firing shots at each other on Twitter.

It seems they could have kissed as she spoke of a man who broke her heart, but has forgiven him for his wrongdoings.

"Sometimes in life..the ones we love the most, hurt us the most..," she wrote on her Twitter page.

"But I do believe that in life, we have to have a forgiving heart.. for love is real & it's beautiful."

"My Daddy showed me that MEN follow up, growing up.Its all about being a MAN of you word. I thank God for surrounding me with GREAT BROTHERS."

Do you think CiCi was talking about Fiddy?

Serena Williams dines with Ciara in L.A....


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