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Drake & Common Officially Squash Beef At NBA All-Star Weekend

Hatchet = buried...


Drake & Common Officially Squash Beef At NBA All-Star Weekend

Photo: WENN

Common recently confirmed as much himself but he and Drake have made it clear their beef is offically dead, being spotted laughing and cracking jokes with each other at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Last week Com admitted they'd buried the hatchet at the Grammy Awards earlier this month, after a 'face-to-face, man-to-man' chat.

The pair proved it this weekend by chatting openly together at courtside, with Common being seen smiling throughout the conversation.

One of Drake's last comments on the beef was to write it off as an attention-seeking move to sell more records.

However, after impressive figures being posted for both The Dreamer/The Believer and Drake's own album Take Care, it seems the Young Money star is holding no grudges.

The Common & Drake Beef - A Photo Timeline...


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