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Drake Goes Beef-Crazy And Airs Out Ludacris, Pusha T & Future

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Drake Goes Beef-Crazy And Airs Out Ludacris, Pusha T & Future

Photo: Judy Eddy/

Having already buried the hatchet with Common, Drake has decided to tie up loose ends and stick a fork in the rest of his rap beefs.

In the latest issue of Vibe, the Young Money rhymer airs out his leftover problems with Pusha T, Ludacris and Future, offering some a olive branch - and dismissing others outright.

Responding to Future's accusation it was a "slap in the face" Drake didn't turn up for the video shoot to their collaborative remix to the southern rapper's breakout hit Tony Montana, Drizzy was diplomatic, saying: "I’ve got no issues with [Future]. I’m happy I got on the song ['Tony Montana']."

Next was last year's hash-tag rap feud, a never-ending beef in which Ludacris went at both Drake and Big Sean for biting a flow barely any rap fans were feeling in the first place.

"[Ludacris,] that’s a case of someone trying to use my marketing money to get things going again for themselves," said the Take Care rapper, dismissively. "That didn’t affect my day, my month, my year. I didn’t take any of that seriously."

Drizzy ended with a diplomatic response to Pusha T's unprovoked jab on Don't F**k with Me, which made light of Drake's infamously large collection of knitted tops.

"I’ve been really open about my love for the. Clipse. I don’t know [why he dissed me], maybe that guy is bored."

Plate cleared, beefs over... for now.

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