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Jim Jones Arrested For Second Time In Three Days

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Jim Jones Arrested For Second Time In Three Days


Following his recent arrest on Friday, Jim Jones is back in the slammer for the second time in just three days.

According to police, Jones was caught driving in New York with a suspended licence. However reps for the Dipset rapper have claimed Jones doesn't have a suspended licence, and said it was just one big misunderstanding.

The 35-year-old rapper claims that he was a passenger of a double parked car, cops then spotted the rapper who then approached the vehicle and asked him to move it. Shortly after Jim got behind the driver's seat, the cops then pulled him over upon discovering he had a suspended drivers licence and quickly arrested him.

Sources revealed the Jones remained "very cool and respectable" during the incident and has since been released from police custody.

Jones was previously arrested last week following an ugly brawl at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods on Friday night, and was maced by the police.

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