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Joe Budden Moves On From Tahiry Jones With New Bootylicious Girlfriend

Upgrade or downgrade from the rest?

By Alicia Adejobi on Friday 2nd March 2012 Photo by Twitter/Joe Budden

Joe Budden appears to have moved on from his failed relationships with Tahiry Jones and Esther Baxter, by debuting his new girlfriend.

The 'Pump It Up' rapper posted photos of his new lady - who goes by the name of Dazzle J - on Twitter, and even spoke about her during a recent interview with Sway on 'Sway In The Morning.' According to Joe, despite having a stripperish name, Dazzle is not a video vixen, model or anything in the music industry.

Joe also pointed out that his previous girlfriends have experienced a rise in success and fame since dating him, but Dazzle is not about the fortune. 

Things seem to be lovey-dovey between the two at the moment, and Joe recently tweeted: "Pardon me y'all... The weather has me on some real mushy bulls**t... N***a just wanna tongue kiss all day & s**t, smh."

What do you think of Joe's new jump off?

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