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Coco Austin Says She Posts Naked Twitter Photos Due To High Demand From Fans

Popular demand...

By Alicia Adejobi on Friday 2nd March 2012 Photo by Twitter/Coco

Coco Austin has defended posting her weekly nude photo series on Twitter, saying that her fans demand it.

The bootylicious wife of rapper and actor Ice T is known for her ample assets and reminds her fans every week of this fact with photo series titled 'T***ie Tuesday' and 'Thong Thursday.'

Justifying why she feels the need to post the naughty photos every week, Coco told UsWeekly: "People thought I was a Photoshop queen or whatever, and I started taking candid photos and posting them on Twitter."

"They became popular - more popular than my modeling pictures!"Now I've become a slave to Twitter because I started 'Tittie Tuesday' and 'Thong Thursday,' so now people are waiting for it."

However, she recently took it too far and received backlash for posting an image of herself laying naked next to her young nephew while he was asleep.

Are you a fan of Coco's photos?

Ice T's wife Coco leaves little to the imagination in skintight bodycon dress...


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