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Tyler, The Creator To Pay $8,000 In Vandalism Damages

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Tyler, The Creator To Pay $8,000 In Vandalism Damages


Tyler, The Creator is set to fork out $800 (£5,000) in vandalism damages, after trashing sound equipment during a performance at the Roxy in LA in December last year.

The rapper was arrested after performing a show when he jumped off the stage and began to kick and throw sound equipment, damaging a soundboard.

Soon after the rapper was arrested, fans took to the streets in protest nearly causing a riot.

Following his release, the Odd Future frontman claimed his actions were in defence, and he was frustrated when the venue's security ignored him while was trying to draw their attention to two injured females in the crowd.

According to TMZ, the Tyler has contacted the venue and has agreed to pay the venue $8,000 in damage costs.

He is also scheduled to meet with the District Attorney who will advise that Tyler pay for the investigation costs, and all charges against him will be dropped.

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