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Cheryl Cole Helping To Find London House

Why don't they just move in together?


Cheryl Cole Helping To Find London House


Cheryl Cole is reportedly helping to find a house in London as he is planning on relocating while he films The Voice.

The pair have developed a close friendship over the years and when Cheryl was sacked from X Factor USA, she in turn let her own manager go and hired Will to look after her career.

It seems she is paying back the favour by helping him find a suitable house in the capital so that he has his own place to stay during the months he will be filming the BBC's new talent contest.

"Cheryl has told him to leave it all up to her. She knows his taste, arty with fab architecture or a futuristic feel," a source told The Mirror.

"Wherever they choose, studio space will be vital. He is always working and does not want to put his beat-making on hold. Will is desperate to lay down some roots. He helped Chez in LA last year when she was there for X Factor, so she wants to return the favour."

Will recently revealed that he had Cheryl lined up to work with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, before his death in 2009.

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